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The AllClean "ALL-GREEN" System was designed to help Healthcare Workers (HCW) protect their patients form the unintentional spread of pathogens. This is achieved by providing a tool to remind HCW's and patients to perform hand hygiene when the opportunities are presented.

Hand hygiene is the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care-associated infections.
- World Health Organization

Going green with AllClean.

AllClean helps healthcare organizations cost-effectively manage infection control and create lasting behavior change. AllClean delivers a safer environment for caregivers and patients.

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The current problem with hygiene.

Every day, Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) threaten patients, caregivers and the financial stability of our nation’s healthcare industry. Experts have identified compliant hand hygiene as the most effective means of reducing HCAI.

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The Problem

Our solution is simple.

AllClean's hand-hygiene compliance solution not only tracks compliant and noncompliant events, but also proactively alerts caregivers and patients if they have failed to “wash in” or “wash out.”

Tracking hand-hygiene compliance among staff members has proven nearly impossible. Until now!

Our SOlution



Reduces Heatlthcare-Associated Infections, improves patient safety, and frees up staff so they can focus on patient care.


Lowers cost due to infections, reduces Joint Commission citations, and negates any possible HCAI penalties.


Improves overall clinician workflow while creating a safer employee work environment.

"Every hospital should be required to have the AllClean! It makes me feel more comfortable to know that my mother is being well taken care of."


Patient Family Member

"I like knowing that my nurse has clean hands. I know if their badge is green, they washed their hands. If their badge is red, I will definitely ask them to wash."



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